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You don't need luck to be an inspiring presenter, you need examples, technique, passion and practise. The Presenting Essentials workshop gives you insight & courage to articulate your ideas simply & express what you're presenting is something unique & valuable to the listener. DAY ONE WORKSHOP Understand the three principles of presentation | Evaluate presentation style – Self assessment | Getting to the point & knowing the audience | Visualize ideas & preparing slides | Structure your presentation for impact building charisma & rapport | Learn how to produce a powerful ending. WHO IS IT FOR? Professionals who need to present themselves, their ideas, solutions or work to an internal or external audience. This is a popular workshop for first time Managers & front-line Business Development Executives. OUTCOME AND BENEFITS Learn & get comfortable with your own unique style & delivery | Create impact in a limited amount of time | Gain a stronger message development | People more engaged to listen to your proposition. Available as Virtual workshop & 121 Coaching (contact us for more information)

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