A new style of learning

Last year a report from Deloitte stated, that nearly every CEO and HRD said they weren’t developing skills fast enough and there was real pressure to improve in-house learning and development.

For some of the smarter companies out there (and yes we all know who you are) the goal wasn’t about how to just up-skill their people, but how to create a culture of learning. This involves ways in which the organisation makes learning easy, interesting and accessible so people actively seek to develop themselves.

Younger employees have grown up with this self-directed learning environment and expect to receive it in the workplace. Reports show that if companies fail to provide this they have no issue with moving elsewhere. The result of all this has impacted L&D departments, changing their role from ‘education providers’ to ‘content curators’ providing innovative ways that encourage employees to take control of their own learning and development. Learning is now being crafted as if your employee was a customer, taking it beyond the traditional classroom and more towards a dynamic experience.

At The Boost Partnership we’ve been working on our own special experiential learning platform that echoes all the needs above. Working in partnership with the Big Issue Foundation we’ve created a learning experience that provides a relevant, memorable experience, changes perception, provides for the community, and sends out a positive message about your brand values to stakeholders both internally and externally.

We call it Vendor Days.

Vendor Days is a workshop like no other - We take you through the technical learning during the first half of the day for you to then don the iconic red jacket and become a Big Issue vendor for the day; selling the Big Issue magazine alongside inspirational vendors in the heart of London’s financial district brings together the immediate and harsh reality between wealth and poverty.

Set up as 'The Apprentice' style challenge the Big Challenge is a great initiative for motivational team building whilst honing customer engagement and creative sales techniques- And it brings together the collaborative goals of different departments integrating results for L&D, Marketing, CSR and HR.

To date, Vendor Days have created tailored learning experiences to help, Lawyers build communication skills;

Sales teams build rapport skills; Financiers develop emotional intelligence and; Advertising executives develop their creativity.

And in addition to those skills the organisations have provided support directly to their community and society.

So what can you do to start developing your experiential learning style?

Here’s 3 simple pointers we asked ourselves when creating the Big Issue challenge that might help you decide if its right for you.

  1. Do you want different ways to provide a memorable learning experience over and above the traditional classroom?

  2. Do you want to integrate your learning and development strategy with other departments needs?

  3. Do you want to meets a social and financial inclusion to your learning and development strategy?

We believe at a time of fast paced change, it’s more important than ever to develop people through learning that raises more self awareness, learning that connects businesses more with society, and learning that provides better outcomes.

Contact us here for more information on how Vendor Days can help your people.

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