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When faced with standing-up in front of a group, we break into a sweat because we fear rejection. Not surprisingly this fear is so great because it’s built in from our distant past – This fear is greater than being embarrassed or judged…It’s a fear of being rejected from our social group.

To our primal ancestors this form of getting kicked out of the group was a death sentence - It meant we had to fend for and defend ourselves.

And things haven’t really changed much.

The death sentence we may be giving ourselves by not having the ability to speak and present our views in a persuasive way might be our own careers.

Learning how to overcome these fears is all about knowing what to do and how to do it – It’s a learnt skill.

In our two day ‘Persuasive Presenting’ course we show you how to engage, challenge and change your audiences’ views. We’ll also help you gain confidence and clarity to dispel all the myths and fears that presenting to people often brings.

Below are The Partnerships' 3 top favorite tips when delivering a persuasive presentation;

1. Know and respect your audience.

Getting to know your audience and respecting them for who they are is essential – Get to know what do they desire, what they hate, what they love and what's missing. The more you understand them the more you can understand what adds value for them.

2. Add more value than anyone expects.

If you want to leave a lasting impression give them more and show them that’s the reason, you’re giving more is because you care.

If you find yourself speaking about something, you’re not passionate about, or believe it won’t really deliver - it will get found out really quick.

Most importantly don’t get roped into talking about something you genuinely don’t have expertise or genuine experience on.

3. Tap into emotions

We've all been put to sleep by somebody who's told us all about figures and facts – A great presenter transports their audience with their story.

If you’re moved, then its easier to move everyone else – Its easier to be natural because its your story. If you’re being led by your slides you won’t inspire, you’ll simply be translating.

We hope these tips help you but if you’re looking to get comfortable with your own style in persuading and presenting to your people then you’re in the right place.

Learn more about our Persuasive Presenting course here.

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