Creativity is all about finding new ways to look at things and Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is problem solving in a creative manner. To meet the criteria for creative problem solving a problem, the solution should resolve the problem in an original manner. This usually incorporates a team approach.

CPS isn’t just brainstorming, although that’s what many people may associate it with. It’s actually a well-defined process that can help you from problem definition to implementing solutions

Imagine that you're vacuuming your house in a hurry because you've got friends coming over. Frustratingly, you're working hard but you're not getting very far. You kneel down, open up the vacuum cleaner, and pull out the bag. In a cloud of dust, you realize that it's full...again. Coughing, you empty it and wonder why vacuum cleaners with bags still exist!

James Dyson, had exactly the same problem, and he used creative problem solving to find the answer.

While many companies focused on developing a better vacuum cleaner filter, he realized that he had to think differently and find a more creative solution. So, he devised a revolutionary way to separate the dirt from the air and invented the world's first bagless vacuum cleaner.

Using CPS can have astounding results for your business at zero cost. The UK Government has signed up an extra 100,000 organ donors a year, persuaded 20% more people to consider switching energy provider, doubled the number of army applicants – all because of CPS.

In one instance the use of CPS reduced fraud and debt by bringing forward the payment of £30m a year in income tax by introducing new reminder letters that informed recipients that most of their neighbors had already paid – The cost of this was zero, simply a change in the wording of the letter to a creative, personalized and effective message.

In our two day Creative Problem Solving Masterclass we take you through the most effective CPS models used by business to resolve their challenges quickly and gain a competitive edge.

If you’re looking for new ways to solve problems in your business you can learn more about our course here.

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