In business you need to anticipate changes ahead, if you’re simply reacting to them then chances are, you’re too late — The difference between with high and low performing professionals is the ability of high performers to anticipate change.

They instinctively know how they’ll perform in the future.


Because they’re more focused you how change effects your business. They know the more prepared you are, the more likely you are to take on any challenges that come your way. Its this ability to manage change by solving challenges with great teamwork and creative problem solving.

The triggers to look out for include;

  1. A change in competition – What are they doing now and who is entering your market.

  2. A change in technology - How does it support what your doing and how do you evolve to use it?

  3. A change in culture – What is it now and how will it appeal to new generations?

  4. A change in the economy – What is the plan for good, mediocre and bad times?

  5. A change in your target audience – How are you changing with their changing lives?

  6. A change in your work force – How accommodating are you to retain and keep your people engaged?

  7. A change in you – How will your goals, aspirations and desires change as you inevitably grow old and change.

Realizing and managing just some of these changes alongside understanding how to create a logical framework to assist change is just some of the ways our ‘Change Management’ Masterclass can help support you in these changing times.

Discover more about the two-day Masterclass here.

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