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Working Together
Our goal is to discover
your unique strengths
then build on
these to deliver
sustainable growth?   

Case Study 1

bringing innovative
leadership  growth to local government

In partnership with the Hackney council leadership team, we developed a unique ‘leadership and ‘innovation’ program to reform local government services.

 1. background 

Its been recognized for some time that profound changes are needed if local government wants to develop a culture more aligned with leadership and innovation. Our insight demonstrated that department structures based in silos was preventing this culture from happening. Therefore to enable innovation growth a more agile structure for employees to connect and exchange ideas was needed. 


 3. results

An immediate influx of energy confidence and leadership flooded all departments led to sustain savings of +£3 million. Employee retention increased alongside leadership succession which reduced direct recruitment fees by £300k in year one.


 2. solution 

Alongside the leadership team we created a four-part programme which included inspiring talks to encourage a complete change of mindset across departments. Central to the success was an acceptance that failure is a part of innovation and a willingness to learn from failure was essential to improve public services in the future.

We worked through two specific projects that had traditionally been tricky to innovate around, including coaching the departments around how to apply the new approach to the current challenges in the community.



From a complex issue, Boost absolutely understood what was needed  and created an excellent and popular program with unbelievable results. 

Council, CEO
Hackney Council

Case Study 2

reigniting growth by creating a
new customer
Academy Class

Armed with insight about their competitors and customers, we were able to help once market leader Academy Class grow revenue by +300% in 18 months.

 1. background 

Academyclass is the UK’s market leader in training for top flight Adobe Developers and Designers. After five years of slow decline it was unable to regain or grow to the same revenue and market share. This was despite having the most competitive price-point and investing heavily in classroom locations.  


 2. solution 

Rather than compete with the market leader, we took an alternative approach. Our insight found the design and developer market had crossed over to an audience of marketing executives. Therefore, we developed a co-op partnership with three of the leading marketing trade journals, alongside training brands for their audience. We then injected the sales team with a new deck of sales tools and motivation.    


 3. results

In twelve weeks Academy Class accumulated more revenue than the previous twelve months. We grew their price point yield by more than 30% and grew forward bookings by eight months. 


This growth was achieved with no addition monies, people or structure to the business. Within 18 months Academy Class was back on top and has sustained this market position in both revenue and share.  



Boost sparked unparalleled growth sustaining our business for the long term. 

The Bid Group, CEO
Academy Class Limited

Consultant Surgeon and Project Lead on Lord Carter Review

Case Study 3

unlocking efficiency in healthcare  

A challenge to  improve the efficiency of around 1.1 million full-time equivalent staff in England. 

 1. background 

The NHS has attempted large-scale change in the past and, whilst some Trusts have achieved impressive results, too many have been unable to sustain the change to achieve sustained improvements.


Therefore, the goal was how to create long term sustainable growth  among  employees.  


 2. solution 

Working closely with three Hospital Trust leadership teams and 600 staff we collected ideas on what would drive performance. What materialised was a selection of 10 distinct areas of investment that included; Building a driving vision, growing internal leadership capability, management processes and enabling systems to convert analysis and efficiency measurement into sustained, bankable benefits.    


 3. results

The results year one of the 10 initiatives improved productivity from a budgeted spend of £800,000 to an ROI of +£19 million. The 10 initiatives were shared and adopted by other Trusts and feature as best practice in the central learning functions for leadership in the NHS. 



You have provided an outstanding contribution and model framework for us to benefit and pass on. 

Consultant Surgeon, Project Lead, Lord Carter Review 

Big Issue

Case Study 4

A Big Issue in growing fund
raising opportunities. 

Working in partnership with The Big issue Foundation we created a unique commercial platform to build capacity through relevant and unique professional learning workshops.  

 1. background 

For 29 years The Big Issue has aimed to dismantle poverty through creating opportunity. In the process its become one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the UK.  To support their financial growth the foundation required stronger relations and engagement with corporations.


 2. solution 

Working with Big Issue vendors we created a unique experiential and active learning platform to deliver professional learning for people in the modern workplace.

By created individual workshops that involved spending a day on the streets working alongside Big Issue vendors. Candidates discovered about team building, resilience, communication, emotional intelligence and sales abilities. Corporate partners had the ability to develop their people, their volunteering objectives and social responsibilities in one combined effort. 

 3. results

The offering increased corporate awareness, developing significant unrestricted income close. The Big Issue improved brand awareness, subscription revenue and volunteering objectives alongside building close relations with +600 business professionals at executive to managerial levels.

Big Issue 2.jpg

The Big Issue’s experience has taught me so much.

Tony Penn, Head of Wealth Management

Case Study 5. 

unlocking women's
potential to
Womens Chance

We tapped into the rich materials and work this charity was doing to anchor a missed value message around membership to drive income via corporate partners. 

 1. background 

Working Chance had already enjoyed thirteen years of incredible success placing female ex-offenders into the workplace. They needed our help with two main goals:


1. To create its own income, permitting it to rely less on grants.


2. To go National.


 2. solution 

To meet the needs for income, we immersed ourselves in the world of Working Chance, discovering its services and untapped resource of value to corporate partners.


We then developed, structured, and launched an annual subscription-based partnership provided recruitment advice, events, whitepapers, training, and valuable marketing opportunities to both HR and CSR departments.


This helped realize the charity’s dream of going national, allowing the organization’s message to spread across the UK without the need to have a physical presence.


 3. results

Our insight and development for Working Chance led to raising a complete round of commercial investment and built significant capacity from within at zero cost or additional resource.


At the end of year one, Working Chance had prospected more than £350k additional revenue from its current base – not bad for a Charity that previously relied entirely on restricted funding.


Women in Workshop

I can' believe how much untapped potential we really had. 

Jocelyn Hillman OBE 
CEO Working Chance 

 coming soon 2021 projects...

Land Securities 
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Ministry of Justice  
Prison Leavers Employer Workshops 


Bounce Back Charity 
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