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We never stop

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our story ... so far.

The year was 2014.


The idea was a simple one: To gather the do'ers, disruptors and change makers, experts and pioneers, to do one thing. 

 Inspire organisations to beat the odds.   


What began as an experiment with business leaders, strategists, behavioral psychologists, academics, and performance trainers quickly became a fully-fledged community built to help organisations become future-ready and win. 

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Boost's piercing insight has shown exciting and practical ways to sustain our funding now and into the future.

Founder, CEO Working Chance  Jocelyn Hillman OBE 

meet the team.  

We're lucky to call ourselves a team - not just because we work together but because we respect, trust and care for each other. We then translates this connection into the work we produce for clients.

Our unique diversity of background, specialism and work experience,  brings purpose to our work alongside a shared belief about the sort of impact we want to make.  

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Your commercial ideas and structural changes sparked unparalleled growth for our business. 

The Bid Group, CEO
Academy Class Limited

making a difference.  

We want to operate differently from other consultancies using unconventional, yet proven approaches to unlock uncommon growth.


We believe most consultancies miss the vital importance of  first energizing an organisation for growth before creating a  plan that delivers from day one.  


As a passionate community of solvers we blend creativity, data and hands-on experience to help you become 'growth-ready' and bridge the gap between strategy

and execution. 

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Growth and Transformation 

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 reigniting growth with   a new audience ... 

 how we identified a new   customer using data and   market analytics. 

 developing new income

 streams and volunteers

 from an existing structure 


 unlocking healthcare   efficiency ... 


 a big idea in commercial   fundraising ... 

 how we created

 large-scale sustainable

 change for the NHS 

our client portfolio

We work with a growing portfolio of some amazing people and brands open to positive change and driven by the desire to continuously improve.


We're especially proud of our recent reputation as "Practical partners" for   Government departments, including the Charity and Social Enterprise sector   where we're known for our ability to be ‘do-ers’, as well as ‘think-ers’.

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